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January 04, 2013



Very interesting Jackie, there's a title that came to my mind hehehe
"Feelings Of The Past" (?)


Friendship and Love, Can I have them both??

Barbara Butler

'Is there something I should know?' I took you literally ;D it's a 1980's hit by Duran Duran.
or ' This time tomorrow'

Barbara Butler

'Unfinished business'


Thanks ladies! I have got quite a good list together now, asking everyone you know is a brilliant way of brainstorming. And it has been such fun reading all the ideas.

Barbara, you made me think about Duran Duran songs and how lots of them have silly titles, it would be fun to pick something random and inappropriate like The Reflex (what is that even about??) or Hungry Like the Wolf! But I must be sensible, I suppose.

Kevin Gregory

The title of Ian Brown’s debut album, “Unfinished Monkey business”.


Ha, Kev, that is funny. And quite suitable actually! Thanks!

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