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December 20, 2012


I was totally in awe of your writing as teenager - have you still got the short story about a bullying incident?


Lord, I don't remember - oh, wait - was that the thing I wrote for GCSE English about the children who stone the other child to death?? (So jolly!) I have a big box of stuff under the stairs that's not on the computer. I remember you reading that thing I wrote that was essentially about the Wimpy Wall subculture... And did you read the thing I wrote about the Sisters Convention?? Ah, happy days...

Yes thats the one. I did read both of those - good memory! When I explain the wimpy wall to anyone non-Basingstoke they look totally confused. Surely every town had an equivalent?


You'd think so, wouldn't you? Everywhere must have had a place where the youth drank Merrydown and smoked fags. Not so much these days though I suppose.

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